13/6/13 – I CAN’T WAIT


This is an exciting year for me.

Since my childhood, there has been only one true superhero in my mind. He is more than just a man with money, or gadgets, or radiation. He is Superman. And this year a good film about him will finally come out.

Doesn’t that just look SO COOL?! What I love is that it clearly has some huge scope – Krypton being destroyed, alien invasion on Earth, and so on – but that almost seems to be just the backdrop for an awesome character study. And don’t even get me started on that epic score by Hans Zimmer.

What I’m hoping for in this film is what so many others are missing these days. General Hollywood logic seems to be: you enjoy danger and tension? We’ll give you a huge battle scene! Like romance? We’ll give you sex! Want imperfect (and thus realistic) characters? We’ll give you emotionless, cruel characters!

scumbag hollywood

June 13th can’t come quickly enough! Of course, all of my hopes for this film may have been influenced by the fact that the first trailer used music from LOTR…


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