Articles on Decent Films


I love reading around films. I trawl through their wikipedia pages, discover all I can about the auditioning, scriptwriting and filming processes of each movie, and will try to read their source material if they’re an adaptation.

This isn’t just some weird fetish or addiction to knowledge (not just that…); I love to move beyond seeing a film as just ‘entertainment’. Every single film – or piece of art, for that matter – is communicating a message, whether or not it intends to. Sometimes these messages are hidden underneath layers of innuendo, culture, or symbolism. I think it’s important to understand what a film is trying to tell you.

decent filmsA website I’ve fallen in love with over the last year is It not only reviews films with a wonderful three-tiered system (Artistic value, Moral/Spiritual Value, Overall Recommendability), but there are 100+ articles on films, their history, their controversies, their themes, and their implications in our lives.

I highly, highly, highly (see how high that is?) recommend Faith and Fantasy and Harry Potter vs. Gandalf. The full list of articles can be found at


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