Blind Faith?


In discussions about faith with non-believers, it always eventually comes to me saying “I don’t know why, I just believe that” or “I can’t prove it, but I trust God/the Church”. To the non-believer this ends up seeming like blind faith. If I asked them to picture what they thought of me at that point, they’d probably see me in a dark room, flailing wildly, trusting that I’m somehow protected.

That is the exact opposite of what faith really is. True faith is not ‘blind’ or foolish. Faith is ‘seeing with our soul’, while knowledge is ‘seeing with our mind’ and physical sight is ‘seeing with out eyes’. Faith is light! Looking with the eyes of the soul brings light into our soul, and when partnered with knowledge and physical sight we can truly grow as a full human being. Of course, this sort of faith must be the gift of God; one could say that he must be the ‘light switch’ or ‘electricity’ that brings the light of faith to us.


So when I say that I believe something without really knowing why it happens, I am not speaking as if I’m in the dark. Rather, I’m meaning that I truly do see something – I just don’t understand the why or how.

The light of faith… does not so illumine those truths as to make them no longer obscure, for faith must ever be ‘the substance of things to be hoped for, the evidence of things that appear not’ (Hebrews 11:1).

The only true ‘blind faith’ is believing that there is no light – or rather, refusing to open the eyes of the soul in order to see the light.


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