Fan Fiction


productimage-picture-discover-fanfiction-today-9528Confession time: I love fan fiction.

Not the creepy, ‘every character has sex’ fan fiction – that’s totally messed up. I love the Alternate Universes (AU), the ‘fill-in-the-blank’ stories, the character background. When a favourite book series is finished, or while you’re waiting for the next season of TV show, fan fiction can fill that gap. Sure, some of it is mindless garbage – OK, most of it is. But every now and then you can come across a wonderful story, with fleshed out characters and enjoyable writing.

My favourite TV show ever is Chuck. Seasons 1-3 were mindblowing, 4 & 5 were disappointing in comparison but still had moments of greatness. Chuck is now over (nnnooooooooooo!!!) and it doesn’t look like there’ll ever be any more of it. So I was forced – forced I tell you! – to turn to fan fiction. After weeding through a handful of over-sexed or under-written stories, I finally discovered the Crown Jewels: The Fatesverse.

what fates imposeThe Fatesverse is an AU of Chuck written by Frea O’Scanlin. What Fates Impose is the primary story written mainly from Chuck’s perspective, plus there’s 9 others which are told from Sarah’s perspective and intersect (see what I did there?) with the main storyline. This isn’t just some cheap knock-off: it runs to the same timeline (with many of the same events) as the first couple of seasons, plus is filled with some awesome new twists and storylines. One warning though: there are some scenes of pretty heated ‘interaction’ between Sarah and Chuck. I recommend you skip those – I did. I lost none of the story but retained my innocence šŸ™‚

Oh yea, and What Fates Impose is 437999 words long. So it should take you about 15 – 20 hours of non-stop reading.

Some people say that fan fiction is a waste of time because the authors haven’t had to create anything; they’re simply using pre-made characters, settings and events. For one, only some FF authors do that. But secondly, why is that so wrong? I personally find it more difficult to write with someone else’s characters; I can’t get into their heads the same way as I can with someone I’ve made. I applaud FF authors who are able to write in such a way that you still feel as though you’re experiencing the same characters.

Do you have any favourite fan fiction? Let me know! I’m always on the lookout for some.



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