The Cosmic Trilogy

Faith, Fiction

CS Lewis (one of my favourite authors) is best known for his Chronicles of Narnia books. Though an enjoyable romp through a fantasy realm, these books don’t have the style or depth to appeal to many adult readers. Unbeknown to most, Lewis has another series of books written specifically for adults: The Cosmic Trilogy.

Science-fiction rather than fantasy, and much more philosophical than Narnia, this series of Lewis’ paints a wonderful picture of our Solar System at war – albeit a hidden war. And like Narnia the Cosmics have a layer of Christianity, though in this more mature story it is as a device of the story rather than as allegory.

The Cosmic Trilogy deals with lofty ideas: good vs evil, objective vs subjective truth, the development of morality, the soul. Lewis also discusses – dangerously – marriage and the interplay between husband and wife. Most uniquely, these stories don’t draw you in by creating romantic relationships, or end-of-the-world situations (though there are a few of those!), but by inspiring your heart with truth. Throughout the entire trilogy it is as if Lewis is asking: is this true? Is that true? Is truth important? How does truth affect us?

Even if you’re not a Christian, I see no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy this series. So I say: read it!

cosmic trilogy


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