Final Man of Steel Trailer



So here it is. The final Man of Steel trailer. Packed full of action (and maybe revealing a little too much of what goes on for some people’s tastes), this trailer has allayed all my fears. After watching the disappointment that was Iron Man 3, I was becoming cautious of this new Supes – were these fancy trailers just going to let me down?

But now, having seen Kal-El fight, fly, cry, kiss, and much more, I have no fear. It seriously looks like Nolan’s beautiful storytelling skills have been perfectly melded with Snyder’s style of heightened visuals.

Another thing I’m relieved with is that it seems quite clear that the Man of Steel won’t be facing down Lex Luthor (thank the Lord!), nor will he have to square off against weird aliens that no one understands. Though I recognise that those villains may surface in later films, I can think of no greater way to begin this franchise than with Supes taking on one of his own kind. This means that there’s no ‘oh they look like stupid aliens’, but with the added benefit of Zod actually being equal to Superman in strength.

Of course, I have to wait two weeks longer than most other countries in the world. June 26th can’t come quickly enough!


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