The Most Powerful Story…


I have just finished playing what has been for me the most powerful and thought-provoking game ever. I know, that’s a huge call. But please play it for yourself before pulling out the pitchfork.

save the dateIt’s called Save the Date, and at its gameplay core is nothing more than a visual novel. But this game is so much more than some gameplay with a tacked-on storyline. The gameplay is just… a portal. The story is where the magic happens.
I now desperately want to go deeper and discuss what goes on, but I more desperately want you to experience it for yourself. You can download it here.

What I will say is that, by the end, I felt more connected to Felicia than I have to any other character. And I was disgusted with myself for not listening to her.


If you have played the game and want to know what the creator intended, check out this post (and his following comments).


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