My own fiction!


Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog! A lot has happened in that time. Most excitingly, I’m now an official writer! Well, fan-fiction writer, which is something.

It's a fancy minimalist cover, so you really should check it out.

It’s even got a fancy minimalist cover, so you really should check it out.

I’ve just put up the first chapter of my first Chuck fan-fiction, Chuck vs the Eagle Commander. Check it out here, have a read, and please review! I’d love to know what people think of it. (BTW if you haven’t watched Chuck… why not?! It’s awesome. Plus it’s on Netflix or DVD. So what are you waiting for? Go watch some!)

The idea for this came from two separate questions that were rattling around my brain: What if Chuck had got the Intersect a day late? and What if Chuck didn’t stop the first bomb? I realised that these go together pretty well, and after a bit more thinking I came up with this story. It will follow a very similar timeline to the show, with a lot of the same mission and characters. But don’t worry – I’m going to be shaking things up a bit as well 😉
I’ve got plans for a new major character and other interesting new stuff.

Does anyone else out there write any fanfic? Or have you ever thought of? It’s surprisingly fun to have to try think like the characters which you’ve grown so used to simply observing!


Fan Fiction


productimage-picture-discover-fanfiction-today-9528Confession time: I love fan fiction.

Not the creepy, ‘every character has sex’ fan fiction – that’s totally messed up. I love the Alternate Universes (AU), the ‘fill-in-the-blank’ stories, the character background. When a favourite book series is finished, or while you’re waiting for the next season of TV show, fan fiction can fill that gap. Sure, some of it is mindless garbage – OK, most of it is. But every now and then you can come across a wonderful story, with fleshed out characters and enjoyable writing.

My favourite TV show ever is Chuck. Seasons 1-3 were mindblowing, 4 & 5 were disappointing in comparison but still had moments of greatness. Chuck is now over (nnnooooooooooo!!!) and it doesn’t look like there’ll ever be any more of it. So I was forced – forced I tell you! – to turn to fan fiction. After weeding through a handful of over-sexed or under-written stories, I finally discovered the Crown Jewels: The Fatesverse.

what fates imposeThe Fatesverse is an AU of Chuck written by Frea O’Scanlin. What Fates Impose is the primary story written mainly from Chuck’s perspective, plus there’s 9 others which are told from Sarah’s perspective and intersect (see what I did there?) with the main storyline. This isn’t just some cheap knock-off: it runs to the same timeline (with many of the same events) as the first couple of seasons, plus is filled with some awesome new twists and storylines. One warning though: there are some scenes of pretty heated ‘interaction’ between Sarah and Chuck. I recommend you skip those – I did. I lost none of the story but retained my innocence 🙂

Oh yea, and What Fates Impose is 437999 words long. So it should take you about 15 – 20 hours of non-stop reading.

Some people say that fan fiction is a waste of time because the authors haven’t had to create anything; they’re simply using pre-made characters, settings and events. For one, only some FF authors do that. But secondly, why is that so wrong? I personally find it more difficult to write with someone else’s characters; I can’t get into their heads the same way as I can with someone I’ve made. I applaud FF authors who are able to write in such a way that you still feel as though you’re experiencing the same characters.

Do you have any favourite fan fiction? Let me know! I’m always on the lookout for some.