Inception: More meta than you thought…


We’ve all heard a few theories about Inception – the end was just a dream, DiCaprio dreamed that it would get him an Oscar – but here’s one that I think holds a fair bit of weight. It’s a bit of a two-pronged attack, claiming that Inception is both entirely a dream and a metaphor for film-making.

I think the idea that Inception is a film about film-making – but without telling the audience that it’s about film-making – is the coolest aspect of this whole theory. You can find a summarised explanation here, or you can read the original article and further discussion here.

But in case you’re super-lazy, here’s the quote that details the basic argument for Inception being about making a film:

The heist team quite neatly maps to major players in a film production. Cobb is the director while Arthur, the guy who does the research and who sets up the places to sleep, is the producer. Ariadne, the dream architect, is the screenwriter – she creates the world that will be entered. Eames is the actor (this is so obvious that the character sits at an old fashioned mirrored vanity, the type which stage actors would use). Yusuf is the technical guy…