‘Strong Female Characters’ and the Trinity Syndrome


“Isn’t it great that so many movies these days (especially action and adventure films) have strong, fun female characters,” you may be thinking. But according to Tasha Robinson over at The Dissolve, you’re wrong.

In a brilliant article titled We’re Losing All Our Strong Female Characters to Trinity Syndrome, she talks about the gimmicky female characters that are so often inserted into films just so that the companies can say: “Look, we have women in our film!” Tasha suggests that Trinity from the Matrix is the epitome of this; the opening scene has her as a total badass, leaping over buildings and escaping from agents, but by the end of the trilogy (or even the film) she just spouts encouragement and fills in as a romantic interest.

Check out her article here (but be warned – there are spoilers for a number of films, such as Oblivion, How To Train Your Dragon 2, and Edge of Tomorrow). What films can you think of with strong females who are realistic characters in their own rights?